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Shippey House bill of sale

Friends of Shippey House President Jackie Scott
holds up the Bill of Sale to Riverwalk on Sept. 30, 2015.
Click here for a slideshow on The Shippey Page.



Read about Ken Keechl's
ethically-challenged 2010 campaign
for re-election
(It deservedly failed!)

Keechl drives his campaign truck through big, fat ethics law loophole


Our sense of history gets
a kick in the head


Click here for more on the Historical Commission cuts



007 Magazine features 10-page spread on Fort Lauderdale's Big John McLaughlin, top underwater stunt man in James Bond Films

Includes links to Big John McLaughlin movie scenes,
magazine articles and web sites!



Help Save the 1914 Shippey House!!


Bahia Mar: Public fails to show up;
City stonewalls on answering a question

City Commission should reject
Bahia Mar plan
(Update: They didn't)
June 2011



New Times names Yours Truly
"Best Political Activist of 2011"



22 photos in a slide show:
Citizens meet new City Manager


Here are the Hopi Indian words
read by the City Manager

During his first appearance at former Mayor Rob Dressler's "Fort Lauderdale Forum" (6/15/11), City Manager Lee Feldman concluded his remarks with a lengthy reading of words from the Hopi indians. The unusual thoughts and phrasing seemed to catch everyone's attention. When he was done, there was an audible reaction — "ohhhs" indicating people had been affected by what they had heard.

It was tough to soak it all in, so I asked Feldman for the text. Here it is in both jpeg and PDF formats so you can hang it on your wall.


Panorama of Who's Who
at the Big Feldman Meeting



Fort Lauderdale ruins the serenity of the sunrise
with beach-cleaning tractors


Tractors bulldoze beach tranquility



See what the great 1926 hurricane
did to sturdy buildings in Croissant Park


See the 1926, Post-Hurricane Panorama
of Downtown Fort Lauderdale!



See this 1925 photo of South Andrews
like you've never seen it before!!!!

Huge blowups let you explore image in great detail!


Space Shuttle launch from Fort Lauderdale
— 174 miles away (via YouTube)



PNC Bank plans horribly dull,
pedestrian-unfriendly "dead zone"
for 'The New South Andrews"



And other stories about our
ethically-challenged ex-Commissioner
— now accused of corruption

Cindi's BSO mug shot


Connie Francis Returns to Fort Lauderdale





David Hebert: All police hat and no bullets

'Joggin' Jack' Seiler's Shocking Weight Loss Secret!

George Gretsas is ousted as city manager!

15-Story Boat Storage Facility Would Plunge Neighbors into the Shadows

Shadowy Cross Appears on Side of Church
City's demand for intense parking lot lighting would ruin neighborhood's residential character
FPL to Broward: Choke on it!
OUTRAGE! Restore the median!
Tour of Sistrunk Boulevard
Free House Torn Down


Super Bowl Sign on Fort Lauderdale Beach

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