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May 31 ... Seiler says he prefers SW 17 St for new Fire Station 8!  Click here

City Hall ignores the will of the voters,

eyes Hardy Park for Fire Station 8 — again!

Seiler pledges to abide

by the will of the people

Available lots and

their prices, May 2017

City has already spent $356,000 to design FS 8 for SW 17 St!

This design and site plans were presented to neighborhoods months ago!

Neighborhoods helped create this Hardy Park Master Plan!

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Station would be on SW 17 St next to FEC tracks


...in 2011 for doing what he's trying to do again today!!!


FORT LAUDERDALE, May 28, 2017 — Once again the Fort Lauderdale City Commission apparently is trying to ram Fire Station 8 into the open space of Hardy Park. Citizens fought for years to protect the park from such encroachment, but that doesn't seem to matter to City Hall. Take that, "Neighbor!"

A formal straw poll and a charter change vote BOTH showed 75% voter support for preserving and protecting Hardy Park. That was in 2003-'04.  Prior to those votes, an attempt to put a new federal courthouse in the park was beaten back by public protests.

But in 2011 — with minimal public notice — the Seiler/Roberts/Rogers City Commission tried to dump Fire Station 8 in the northwest corner of the park. A public uproar beat that back.

Now they are at it again. City staff has been instructed to draw up two proposed site plans for a three-bay, drive-through fire station in Hardy Park. The city has already spent $356,000 on a design — for another site!

Meanwhile, developers are increasing the need for parks by planning thousands of residential units for the south side of New River. Click for details.

Click here to read the apology

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Fire Rescue Zones & Service Areas with Proposed SW 17 St Location of Fire Station 8


Withdrawn (or maybe not)

2011 Site Plan for Fire Station 8

in Hardy Park's Northwest Corner

Big John .. the stunt diver star of "Thunderball," the greatest James Bond film ever (he played Largo) ... deserves a star on the city's Walk of Fame ... [Click here]

Hardy Park is an important link in County's Greenway system

Who the heck was Florence Hardy? Click here

Click here to  download a PDF and read this interesting history & original clips. (1.6 MB)

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May 31 — City releases misleading site plans for Hardy Park fire station. Click here

"A fire station could be an enhancement to a park" — Romney Rogers, 6/1/17