Video of FPL's
Port Everglades Chokestacks

Night scope photography lets you see them like you've never seen them before! Watch the smoke form clouds that drift over your house! Video is speeded up to give you the full effect. (1:15)

2007 lab report says city's
black dust is 'consistent
with generator soot'

"Dust" sample from INTERIOR home bookshelf just north of Broward General Medical Center. This is one of the two samples that was tested. Thanks to Frank Grate of Metallurgical, Inc., Hollywood. SEE DETAILS.

Chart of results from lab

Cloud from FPL Port Everglades plant spreads over Fort Lauderdale, 12/18/05

For a larger image of this crude panorama, click here


Fort Lauderdale FL




Map showing locations from which photos were taken — 1.5 miles from stacks.


Oct. 23, 2002 from SE 8th St. and SE 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale


March 3, 2003 — Night vision image from Broward General Garage (see map at left)

August 27, 2004 — Video frames & digital images

Images made from Broward General Parking Garage, S. Andrews at SE 15th St.


From video


From video. Shows clouds forming from smoke.


Cloud forms from smoke.

2004_08_27_DSC_3126 2004_08_27_DSC_3133
2004_08_27_DSC_3146 2004_08_27_DSC_3148 2004_08_27_DSC_3153


Best shot!


Weather report covering the time these images were made — about 10 p.m.

Aug. 28, 2004
Note the subtle dark smoke drifting up toward the dark cloud.
Jan. 1, 2005 — A long cloud drifts northwest over Broward


This extraordinary cloud formed by smoke from the FPL stacks drifted slowly northwest over Broward.


View from Broward General garage.


View from SE 2nd Avenue just north of Broward General.


View from SE 2nd Avenue just north of Broward General.

Jan. 7, 2005 — Enhanced daytime image reveals smoke
Jan. 7, 2005 — Sometimes the smoke coming from the FPL Port Everglades plant is hard to see. Photo enhancement makes it more visible.
2005_01_07__6111A 2005_01_07__6111B
April 1, 2005 ... FPL smoke rises toward Jupiter!
Aug. 22, 2006 cell phone image of cloud being formed from FPL smoke at sunset. That's Broward General at lower right.
Nov. 6, 2008 — A lozenge-shaped cloud appears to hover over Broward General Medical Center in this view from SE 2nd Avenue.


Jan. 24, 2009 — It was almost invisible to the human eye, but using a hand-held Nikon D-300 with a very fast 3200 ISO, I was able to pick up the smoke as it drifted toward the constellation Orion, which was nearly overhead. The smoke then blew westward.

2006_10_24__QTip-far 2006_10_24__QTip-near Soot__FPL pollution aerial_FPL soot-editorial
Dark matter picked up by a Q-Tip from dusty shelves about 1.5 miles from the Port Everglades plant. What is it? FPL Port Everglades pollution report Location of the smokestacks NY Times editorial on soot dangers and U.S. government failures.

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