Utility Advisory Committee gets on the case!

May 24, 2011 — The Butt-Uglies appear on the Utility Advisory Committee agenda. Yay! (But no-one advises me, so I miss the meeting and get yelled at by several people.)

The outcome, I am told, is that ATT will hire a new subcontractor to handle the landscaping issues. The previous contractor, I am told, was "not really qualified to install plantings and certainly was not following up on the watering/trimming issues."

Why am I not thrilled? ATT will continue to install butt-ugly boxes, but will hire a more competent contractor to help keep them hidden from view. How dumb is that?

Apparently, designing an attractive utility box is beyond the capabilities of ATT. Or maybe they think it's not worth dipping into their net income of $3.4 billion to be better neighbors! Gotta save those billions for a rainy day, ya know.

Commissioner Roberts Gets Involved

April 2011 — Commissioner Bruce Roberts inspects the Butt-Uglies on Bayview Drive after we discuss them at a pill mill protest. He asks city staff to look into the landscaping maintenance issues. To date I have received no follow-up on that. (The last report from him was June 1.)

A Blunt Email

Feb. 8, 2011 — Out goes a blunt email calling attention to this problem: "Bad Government at Work, Fort Lauderdale-Style." For a refresher, that email can be found here.




Slide Show of Butt-Uglies on Bayview Drive, in Rio Vista, Victoria Park, Galleria, etc.

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Asking Politely Didn't Work Handout Given to City Commission ... in 2009!

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