Free House (Just Move It Somewhere) 610 SW 15 St, Fort Lauderdale

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UPDATE: House torn down by developer

Historic Home FREE For The Taking!

There is a house in Croissant Park that will soon be torn down to make way for townhomes. The neighborhood's residents negotiated successfully with the developer (with help from the planning and zoning board) to build 2 stories instead of 3, and 4 units instead of 5. Additionally, the developer is clustering the units so there will be increased set-backs and room for real trees on the lot (as opposed to the obligatory palm trees and shrubs) The developer also decreased the square footage per unit and is building mission-style buildings to honor the house that must be removed for this new development.

Additionally, the developer has agreed to allow the historical house on site to be moved!

Let me tell you about this HOUSE!

This home was constructed in the 1930s, the architect is the same as Southside School's. It is mission-Mediterranean revival style. The construction consists of a dade county pine frame, floor and sills, and solid stucco siding. It measures 33' X 44'. The home sits up off the ground on a concrete foundation with a crawl space, making it a good candidate for a move.

It has a very modern open and airy interior, with a good sized kitchen, arched opening onto a nice sized dining room, arched opening into the living room. The living room ceiling is peaked and beamed, beautiful. There are built-ins and architectural details that tell you this home was custom built for a discerning client, not a mass produced dwelling.

There are two bedrooms and two baths, the bedrooms are separated by a bathroom and closets. The master bedroom is in back, with an office space within and French doors opening onto a deck.

This home was continuously inhabited and loved, a good friend of mine (a professional Chef) owned it for almost 10 years. It has new custom windows, but I am not sure if they are hurricane proof.

If you would like to drive by, address is 610 SW 15th Street, there is a yellow P&Z notice sign posted out front.

If it were not for the huge oak-tree in my front yard, I would knock my house down and move this house onto my lot!

If you would be interested in moving this house, please contact me. I have seen the moving process from start to finish, and it is not as scary or as expensive as you might think. With the cost of building materials being what they are these days, this house is a bargain!

Linda Brown

May 20, 2006




Posted by Cal Deal
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