Welcome to Fort Lauderdale's
South Andrews Avenue and 7th Street in 1925

You are going to experience this picture like you've never experienced it before. Just click on the yellow boxes — NOT where they overlap — and you will be transported to enormous blowups of each image. If you double-click on them, they should more than fill your screen, and you should be able to zoom in and out.

The images are roughly 2000 x 1500 pixels each. Big! The view is to the south.


FIRST IMAGE from left: A fireman hoses down the driveway as a little girl runs through the spray. Behind them you can make out a fire truck.

SECOND IMAGE: What appears to be a fire alarm box is on the power pole, and you can see water from the fireman's cleanup running down along the curb. He's apparently been at it for a while!

THIRD IMAGE: A view of the Croissant Park Gateway in the middle of the road at 11th Street. Look just to the right of it and you will see the awnings on windows of the Croissant Park Administration Building, which still stands at SW 15 Street. You can see some old cars on either side of the gateway, and rows of street lights lining Andrews south of the Tarpon River.

FOURTH IMAGE: If you look very closely at the street lamp, you can read "300" on its side. That's because South Side was, at that time, in the 300 block of South Andrews. The street lamp is on the corner of South 3rd Street. In the trees you can see benches, what looks like a mailbox (a grill?), and a T-shaped structure that may hold swings. Between the trees you can see the rear window of a car. Peeking out from behind a power pole is what may be a water fountain or bird bath, and behind a street light you can see a concrete mile marker.

FIFTH IMAGE: You'll feel like you're at your first day of school when you look at South Side. The building was extended to the left years after this picture was taken.