Gretsas Administration: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Bruce Roberts says the George Gretsas team stonewalls public information requestsSTONEWALLING

"Public records requests ... are stonewalled, and if you don't ask the specific, right question, you're not gonna get what you ask for. That's not government in the sunshine."

on The Gretsas Team's distaste for Sunshine Laws


Gretsas team takes 23 days to produce 12-year-old crime stats

David Hebert drags his feet, then issues a false statement

23 Days of Waiting
for a Public Record

The email record

Gretsas Team: 23-day delay in providing public records


Here's the 12-year-old data
it took 23 days to get

Gretsas Team took 23 days to provide this spreadsheet


Data hidden in spreadsheet shows
that it was ready in one day
Embedded data reveals day spreadsheet was ready

After three weeks of waiting,
the spreadsheet arrives

Gretsas Team: Spreadsheet emailed after 23 days of waiting



George Gretsas suppresses text of speech in his first day on the job

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