From a 12/10/09 Sun-Sentinel political blog piece
by Brittany Wallman:

Here's City Manager George Gretsas' response to the general criticism that Hebert isn't qualified to run a police department:

"I selected David Hebert for the job because he spent 10 years working as an Assistant District Attorney successfully fighting crime in Westchester County, New York. He is more than qualified.

"Since David Hebert has been working with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and with 2 different police chiefs, the crime rate has reached its lowest levels in 30 years. Our police officers, police administration, David Hebert, and our City Commission deserve praise for those accomplishments, not a raw Deal." (That little "raw Deal" comment is a dig at yours truly.)

Gretsas & the numbers

Our City Manager is trying to wrap Hebert in the flag of lower crime rates!

"SINCE DAVID HEBERT has been working ... with the ... Police Department, ... the crime rate has reached its lowest level in 30 years," he says. Cause and effect. Hebert In = Crime Down. Our police officers must appreciate that.

A little checking with the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that crime rates have been going down EVERYWHERE! It's a national trend. Just look at these charts from the Bureau:


In Florida the picture is much the same. The crime rate has been going down and has leveled off somewhat.


Excerpt from David Hebert's resume

More about Hebert's background, click here


Download Hebert's 2004 Resume (416 KB)

David Hebert's resume

Although Gretsas has placed Hebert in charge of police, fire and emergency management, the word "police" only appears once in Hebert's full 2004 resume (he "coordinated communications" with police agencies), and the words "fire" and "emergency" do not appear at all.


The press agrees:
Hebert was a 'spokesman'

When Hebert was hired by Gretsas, an article in the White Plains CitizeNetReporter said Hebert "handled media relations" for the D.A. Here's an excerpt from that article:


This clip from The New York Times' archive says Hebert was the D.A.'s "spokesman" for 10 years. Nowhere does the paper mention Hebert doing any police-related work or even prosecuting a case.


Dear George:
How about some facts?

After Gretsas said Hebert is "more than qualified" to run the Police Department, I emailed him to ask for specifics:

Dec. 10, 2009


I read with interest your comments about David Hebert in Brittany's blog piece today. I have a few questions.

You say that Hebert "spent 10 years as an Assistant District Attorney successfully fighting crime." You say that Hebert "is more than qualified" to run our 700+ person Police Department. I certainly hope that someone who gets $223,490 in compensation per year is "more than qualified."

However, yesterday I received a copy of Hebert's resume. It gives no indication that he ever tried a case, either as a private attorney or as a prosecutor.

It says NOTHING about him doing any type of law enforcement work other than brainstorming strategy with his pal the D.A., and doing legal reviews.

So I ask you and, by copy, I ask David himself:

• Has "Prosecutor" Hebert ever personally taken a case to trial? If so, roughly how many? In how many was he the lead attorney? (Law school mock trials do not count.)

• Has he ever been personally responsible for obtaining an indictment?

• Prior to his employment here, did he ever directly supervise any law enforcement professionals? Explain.

• Has he ever led a law enforcement task force or any other special group comprised of law enforcement professionals?

• Why does The New York Times say he spent 10 years as a "spokesman" for the D.A. and never mention a single case that he prosecuted?

• Specifically what law enforcement work has Hebert done as an "Assistant District Attorney" that qualifies him to run our Police Department? What are his specific, relevant, law enforcement/policing accomplishments?

I have asked the city for copies of records that document any law enforcement training Hebert has received — any courses that he has taken. So far I have received none ... unless you count attending the Police Chiefs' convention. Does he have any such training??

Your comments to Brittany make it appear that he was a real crimefighter and not just the D.A.'s PR flack. So I'm sure you must have lots of good, specific information of which I am unaware that you will not doubt be happy and eager to share. I'll pay for copies, even!

After all, I wouldn't want to unfairly accuse you of trying to mislead the public.




Gretas responds


Hebert didn't respond at all.



Hebert's "professional development"

Has Hebert attended any police administration courses to enhance his ability to lead hundreds of police officers?

In a public records request, I asked the city for "any document containing information about Hebert’s professional development and training since becoming a City employee in 2004."

This is the only document I've received as of 12/13/09 — a certificate for a one-day course given by Gretsas' pal, Bob Bates, in 2006:


I also received an expense report indicating that Hebert twice attended the Police Chiefs' convention.


What about a gun?

Even Barney Fife (above left) had a gun, although he was only allowed to carry a single bullet — in his shirt pocket!

What about Hebert?? Weapons training can be very handy for someone who does police work. A 12/2/09 public records request asked for documentation of any gun license or weapons training Hebert has received. No documentation has been provided as of 12/13/09.

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