If Gretsas has confidence in his Police Chief,
why does he need an expensive overseer?

DATE: Dec. 11, 2009

TO: Mayor Seiler and Commissioners Roberts, Rodstrom, Rogers and DuBose

Assistant City Manager David Hebert's contract expires Jan. 18, 2010 — in just 38 days.

Given the lame duck status of our City Manager, and ...

Given Hebert's $223,490 per year compensation package [plus the cost of staff support], and ...

Given Hebert's apparent lack of qualifications to oversee the Police, Fire and Emergency Management, and ...

Given the amount of severance involved in these contracts ...

Please do whatever you can to ensure that this contract is NOT renewed.

Highly-paid management employees should bring a richness of experience to the table. That's what makes them worth the money.

But our City Manager has put Police, Fire and Emergency Management under the control of an expensive person with NO POLICE, FIRE OR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE of which I am aware. This is a very expensive on-the-job training program.

If the City Manager has confidence in his own Police Chief, this $223,000+ extra layer of management is wholly unnecessary.

I hope you will make certain this contract is not renewed before a new City Manager is in place.


Cal Deal

More on Hebert's inexperience can be found in "All Police hat & no bullets."

More details from Hebert's resume in Brittany Wallman's blog piece.

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