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See Scott Wyman's report and Tim Smith's interview with Gretsas

City Managers George Gretsas is history as of July 31! No month-to-month extension


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Commissioner goes after George Gretsas in dramatic speech


George Gretsas gets low scores on leadership test

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New York writer slams George Gretsas in 'good riddance' article


Why Mayor Seiler voted against George Gretsas

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Rodstrom reveals George Gretsas' 'secret' contracts


Rogers fails to see the dark side of George Gretsas

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All Police hat and no bullets


It will be a happy day when George Gretsas is gone

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George Gretsas' Team takes 23 days to produce 12-year-old crime stats

George Gretsas refuses to answer questions about Hebert's crimefighting experience

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George Gretsas appointee has no police or fire experience

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George Gretsas gives his pal a fat contract

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Horrified police put Adderley in his place




George Gretsas George Gretsas

ABOUT THIS GRAPHIC: Contrary to Mr. Smith's assertion that I sat there like an idiot and took pictures of George Gretsas every 5 seconds, this graphic was created by exporting a "stream" of still images from the computerized video of the meeting. A second program cropped the images and compiled them into this "photo catalog." All of that was done in a matter of minutes. Please do not send the men in the white coats. — Cal

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Some people will say that I built these pages because I am bitter about losing the SE 13th Street median fight, in which George Gretsas played a key role. Not even close. I built these pages because of what that experience taught me about the character of George Gretsas. I consider him to be a dishonest man, and I deplore The Gretsas Team's use of fear tactics against me as I fought for neighborhood causes. George Gretsas should not be our City Manager. We deserve better.

Further, some people will say that the police union is somehow involved in this. Nothing could be further from the truth. The police union will find out about these pages when they go online.

Finally, I feel these pages are necessary because of Mayor Seiler's repeated statements that he could not vote for "a three-year deal" with Gretsas. He never stated outright that it's time to move on, that he wants a new City Manager. Because he has the key vote, I do not consider the Gretsas Era over just yet. However, I find it hard to believe that Seiler would allow Gretsas to stay after the things Seiler said about the divisions Gretsas has caused in the city and on the Commission. That would be wrong.

Fort Lauderdale is too good a city to have a dark, divisive force like George Gretsas running City Hall. It's time for a change.

— Cal Deal, 11/29/09

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