Confidential sources in the Police Department say higher-ups were mortified when they saw the graphic at left in the Nov. 22, 2009 edition of the Observer.

The Department's top officers realized to their horror that the photo of Police Chief Adderley had not been moved to its rightful place alongside that of Assistant City Manager David Hebert, the man who — to his face — is revered and respected by those in the Department with actual police experience.

The officers quickly remedied the Adderley error with a brand-new 8x10 glossy in a never-before-hung frame that once housed an image of Mayor Jim Naugle.

The Observer has obtained a new photo showing the picture of Chief Adderley in its proper place next to the picture of the revered-to-his-face Assistant City Manager. That photo is below.




This has been a tall tale. Hope you caught on! — Cal Deal

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