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Gretsas was the
"weakest candidate"

Excerpted from a story about the hiring of George Gretsas, Sun-Sentinel, May 19, 2004:

Gretsas scored "below average" in leadership assessments the final candidates were required to undergo, fairing the worst of the final four who were evaluated, according to test records released to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The evaluation compares a candidate's answers to those of other private and public managers nationwide, but commissioners -- with the exception of Carlton Moore -- dismissed the results, saying they aren't looking for the typical bureaucrat. ...

Hutchinson and Commissioner Dean Trantalis were the only commissioners to include Gretsas on their original top-five list a few weeks ago. ...

Trantalis said he supported Gretsas but was worried about the evaluation indicating below average leadership skills.

In a separate assessment of leadership, oral communications and problem analysis/decision making, Gretsas also scored last out of the four.

Moore said Gretsas was the "weakest candidate," and he feared that after working under a strong mayor government, Gretsas wouldn't follow the will of the majority.

Gretsas gets a low 33% on leadership test

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