Fort Lauderdale's professional planners
tell it like it is and trash Behemoth Boatyard

Planning Board passes it anyway!

Highlights from the staff report on the proposed Harborage Club boat storage condominium, prepared March 21, 2007. The 15-story, 387-foot-long project would be located on SE 16th Street just east of Cordova Road.

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Pursuant to Sec. 47-23.8, buildings on parcels abutting waterways in nonresidential districts shall be designed to preserve the character of the city and neighborhood in which they are located, harmonize with other development in the area, and protect and enhance the scenic quality and tranquility of the waterways. In addition, a use on a waterway is subject to review of Neighborhood Compatibility, Scale, Bulk and Mass, as provided in ULDR Sec. 47-25.3.A. 3.e.i.

The buildings currently existing on the site are of a significantly smaller mass and scale than the development proposed by the applicant. The applicant’s proposed building, which is 150’ high on the western portion and 133.9’ high on the eastern portion has a significantly more massive form, does not contain provisions for breaks and views, and appears as one continuous structure approximately 387’ in length.

Projects proposed along waterways should be designed with a heightened sensitivity to transition to neighboring areas. The proposed project is not compatible with the existing development pattern within the adjacent commercial corridor to the south, east and west, and it does not promote a harmonious transition in building mass and scale from the residential areas across the waterway to the north. In addition, views and vistas are not provided to the Seminole River Waterway, which is in essence permanent open space.

While it is clear that this development promotes marine-related uses and activities, as designed the proposal does not meet the requirements of Section 47-23.8, in that the scenic quality and tranquility of the waterways is adversely affected by the proposed structure’s mass and scale, the proposal does not harmonize with existing development patterns as described further below and will therefore create a significant change in the character of the area.



As designed the proposed project is not compatible with the adjacent neighborhoods and is inconsistent with the existing surrounding development pattern as defined further below and therefore does not promote use of land in a manner that will preserve and enhance the character of Fort Lauderdale and enhance compatibility of land uses. In addition, the proposed structure’s scale and mass inhibits the objective to protect and enhance the scenic quality of the Seminole River Waterway.



The proposed project is not compatible in regard to scale, mass, and length in relation to the established pattern of development within the adjacent commercial corridor and surrounding residential neighborhood.

The neighboring residential areas as well as the adjacent commercial areas include buildings of a much lower mass and scale than the proposed project .... The structure as proposed does not provide a harmonious transition from the residential pattern of development and will in addition create an abrupt change in the established development pattern within the commercial corridor in the general vicinity of the proposed project

Furthermore, the proposed project takes up the majority of the site with the proposed structure, provides a limited amount of landscaping and open space, and has virtually no separation between buildings. While the proposed building is broken up into three main components, in actuality it appears as one long, continuous, massive structure as can be seen on the elevation plans



Staff review and analysis finds that the applicant has added more intense uses to the development site than currently exist, while not providing the necessary mitigation (to bulk, mass, and scale) to minimize adverse impacts to adjacent properties. Therefore, as proposed the project is not appropriate at this particular location within the district, is not consistent with the criteria for Neighborhood Compatibility and Preservation as defined further below, and does not meet the requirements necessary for a Conditional Use Permit, pursuant to Section 47-24.3.E.1.