"Restore the SE 13th Street Median"

"That asphalt is, in all senses of the word, OBNOXIOUS TO ALL OF US"

— City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson, 10/19/04

NOTE: CINDI DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP RESIDENTS STOP THIS AWFUL PROJECT. In fact. she helped make it happen — and did so behind the backs of those of us who live here. — Cal Deal

What happened here is

— City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, 11/3/04

01.before_4297 02.after_4306
Which view do YOU prefer??
CAR BUTT PARK is what you see in front of the First Christian Church, 201 SE 13th St. The church put 14 asphalt parking spaces in the median without notifying anyone in the neighborhood. Civic groups want the median restored. View is looking west. Click for blowup.
JUST ONE BLOCK TO THE WEST is a "vision of refreshing green," to quote Mark Twain. Not a car butt in sight ... all the way to Andrews Avenue. Until the church put down asphalt, the medians had stayed all-green for nearly 80 years! View blowup

Posted Jan. 18, 2005


"And City Commission" has been added to 25-100 Amendment

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Posted Jan. 11, 2005

JAN. 18!

Ordinance change would make it easier to put parking lots in medians

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Posted Jan. 7, 2005

City Manager's
$20,000 'Solution'
is Worse than
the Problem!

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UPDATE 1/10/05 — Poinciana Park rejects Gretsas plan by unanimous vote, favors restoration of median.


01.full_4283 02.empty_4288
CARS CLOG THE MEDIAN during services at the First Christian Church, which has a relatively small congregation, on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2004.View is looking east. Click for blowup.      
AT THE SAME TIME the parking lot on the east side of the church is nearly empty. To the west another small lots sits empty at the Charter School. Click for blowup.      

It Floods, Too!

OOPS! With asphalt covering much of the median's surface area, two recent storms put parking spaces
under water. Click here for more photos.



Despite what Cindi Hutchinson says ...


Read the code for yourself!

for Restoring the Median!

NEIGHBORHOODS (alphabetical):

  • Breakwater Homes
  • Colee Hammock
  • Coral Ridge*
  • Croissant Park
  • Edgewood (Hutchinson's neighborhood)
  • Harbordale
  • Middle River Terrace
  • Poinciana Park
  • Poinsettia Heights
  • River Run
  • Riverside Park
  • Shady Banks
  • South Middle River
  • Tarpon River
  • Victoria Park

Tom Tapp
Former Parks & Rec Director

Chuck Ritchie
Former City Planning Director

Jeryl Madfis
President, South Andrews Business Association

Pat Mayers
President, Citizens Crime Alert

* Unanimous vote of directors present



YOUR Support

for Restoring the Median!


with a copy to Cal

Or email them individually:

Mayor Naugle

Vice Mayor Trantalis

Commissioner Hutchinson

Commissioner Moore

Commissioner Teel


Median Permit Sets "A Dangerous Precedent"

OCTOBER 2003 ARTICLE ON BALLOT QUESTION: Although the Ballot Question amendment would enable a City Commissioner to slam the front door on an unsupportable loss of “Public Trust” park land, this [SE 13th Street median] incident outlines an elephant-size loophole that effectively subverts the amendment’s intention. There is no need to change the zoning designation of a park when anyone can apply for (and receive) a permit to legally construct self-serving projects on city-owned park property. Using the permit process as a fast track to “back-door” the loss of green space sets a dangerous precedent.

Genia Ellis, president of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations, explained, “It tells you that any area in a neighborhood can basically be acquired for private use through a permitting process; the public isn’t even queried on it.”

What use is providing Commissioners with de facto veto power over zoning indiscretions if a permit will provide the applicant with permission to build a parking lot, or anything else, on park land?

Again, the Mayor is correct in supporting this amendment. It’s a laudable first step. However, city officials would do well to consider plugging this permit loophole before they come to City Hall one day and find construction of a toxic waste dump underway in Stranahan Park!


Tuesday, 1/11/05

Adds "WARNING" flyer about an ordinance amendment that would make it easier to put parking lots in medians.

Gretsas plan rejected by Poinciana Park (brief)

Friday, 1/7/05

Adds Gretsas' "Bad Plan" flyer

Adds Broward Trust for Historic Preservation, Shady Banks, Poinsettia Heights and Breakwater Homes to list of supporters

Wednesday, 1/5/05

Updated list of supporting civic groups, which now includes the District I Alliance

Statement by Galt Mile Community Association

Minutes of Cindi Hutchinson's failed Nov. 9, 2003 "compromise" meeting

Monday, 11/8/04

PDF files of Code added.

Sunday, 11/7/04

Relevant sections of the Fort Lauderdale Code show the permit was NOT legal. The sections are highlighted and annotated.

Added to list of supporting civic associations (above)

Wednesday, 11/3/04

List of civic groups & key people supporting restoration and City Commission emails (above)

Sunday , 10/24

Comparison photos added to main page. Original main page broken into two sections. See above.

Tuesday , 10/19

TOM TAPP Opposes Median Parking Lot As Unjustified

Saturday , 10/16

Driver's-Eye Views of Median During School Pickup/Dropoff

A Little History of the Medians

BEFORE and AFTER photos of median.

Text file of Property & Right of Way Committee minutes 9/20/04 (vote against neighborhood)

Images of Property & Right of Way Committee meeting minutes at which they voted against the neighborhood and for Forman's parking lot 9/20/04

Images of Traffic Mess During Charter School Dropoff

OUTRAGE! Newsletter Text -Only Page

Friday, 10/15

New Aerial Photo of Median, Taken 10/13/04

Former City Planning Director Opposes Parking on Median

Aerial photo of damage caused by parking on median in 2002

INCLUDES: Current aerial of asphalt parking lot

Updated OUTRAGE! newsletter

City Commission Report Card

Monday, 10/11:

SEARCHABLE minutes, Property & Right of Way Committee meeting 9/20/04

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