UPDATE: The city and county reached an agreement
after this site went online


Neighborhood fights to restore Sistrunk Boulevard
to 2 lanes, rebuild once-thriving business district;
County resists and pushes for 3-lane thruway

THE SISTRUNK BOULEVARD OF DREAMS — Dreams that are being thwarted by the Broward County Commission, which wants to continue to ram rush hour traffic through this corridor. The neighborhood could lose $12 million in federal, state and local funds because of the County Commission's hard line against the neighborhood's two-lane dream. [Rendering is of Midtown business district at NW 9th Avenue intersection. See location in Google Maps. Click here.]

SISTRUNK TODAY — As late as the 1960s, this was a two-lane road through a bustling business district. Then government destroyed the character of the area by turning the Boulevard into a four-lane thruway for out-of-towners. Residents want the rebirth of Sistrunk Boulevard to be the centerpiece of their neighborhood redevelopment, but the Broward County Commission is resisting.

More of Interest

Northwest undergoing an amazing transformation!

In the last several years, beautful new homes have been built in the Northwest while the plans for the rebirth of Sistrunk Boulevard have moved steadily forward. This amazing progress is outlined in these slides, which were used by Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Carlton Moore in recent "State of District III" addresses. Click here.



Barrell down the 4-lane 'Sistrunk Thruway!'

What's that? You don't use Sistrunk Boulevard all that much? Well here's your chance to see the 2 miles of Sistrunk from the city line east to Andrews Avenue — and do it without leaving your comfy chair! Just 12 photos will give you a feel for the area. Notice that there's no lane for parking on the entire route. Click here.



See the 2-Lane THEN
& the 4-Lane NOW

Sistrunk in 1966 and today!

Click here



Check out the Northwest's incredible new homes!

Some really great homes are going up in Northwest Fort Lauderdale. We've got pictures of a bunch — both new and renovated — including some nice "affordable housing." This push to develop new and better housing coincides with the push to improve the neighborhood's main street, Sistrunk Boulevard, which bisects the residential areas. Click here.




Renderings & plans ... Dreams on paper!

Some plans are still on the drawing board, including the new streetscape for Sistrunk Boulevard. Click here to see the plans.




Timeline of City-County sparring

Here's a brief, easy to read look at the City and County actions regarding the turnover of Sistrunk Boulevard from County to City control.Click here.







"City commissioners ... should vote to move forward with plans to turn Sistrunk into a two-lane street and urge the county to be more accommodating to a sensible plan." Read full editorial


The Herald

"The revitalization of Sistrunk Boulevard has been delayed and stalled long enough. City commissioners should vote to keep faith with residents by approving the two-lane project." Read full editorial


U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings:

"This struggle is not about turning Sistrunk into Las Olas Boulevard. Instead, it is about freeing the corridor from the neglect of the past, and giving its residents hope for the future."

Read his Sistrunk column


Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations

Midtown Business Association

Negro Chamber of Commerce

Dorsey Riverbend Homeowners Association
& all other District III civic associations

Broward Workshop, Urban Core Committee

NAACP Fort Lauderdale Branch

Front Porch

And 2,200 petition-signing residents!


1. Contact Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Carlton Moore and offer your support or your help!! To email him, click here.

2. Email the Fort Lauderdale City Commission's "NO" voters*

To email all three at once, click here

* NOTE: Naugle and Teel flip-flopped in April and voted to withdraw the city's request to take over Sistrunk Boulevard. Rodstrom is married to County Commissioner John Rodstrom (below), who is leading the fight AGAINST restoring Sistrunk to its two-lane glory.

3. Email all the Broward County Commissioners and urge them to support the plan to make Sistrunk two lanes.

To email ALL the Commissioners at once (or their aides), click here.

To get the name of YOUR County Commissioner, click here.

County Commission's web page, click here.

OR to email County Commissioner John Rodstrom, right, who represents the Northwest/Sistrunk area and much of Fort Lauderdale, and is blocking the neighborhood's two-lane plan, click here.

"Doc" Sistrunk, Broward's first black doctor

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